A little bird told me…

So I was trying to get on the road for a trip. Subtracting myself from all the details of my house, husband and children is a complicated process. I try to set a deadline for leaving and then have to reset it several times before I actually finish cleaning the kitchen, emptying the refrigerator, taking out the trash, packing the car etc. I just have to leave everything in Good order. It is a mom thing.

So you can imagine my delight when I was actually ready to walk out the door at exactly 1 pm. The original time I said I wanted to leave to miss the Friday traffic.

All I had to do was take the dog out to pee one last time and get in the car and leave. I puffed up feeling pleased with myself.

So I took Lucy out through the garage and let her do her thing. I came back in to put her up and turned around to leave and just as I was about to walk out the open door, a little bird flew in my house!

What the hell!! Seriously? It is 1:02 pm. How can this be? A bird??

What can I do? I have an innocent little creature flying around my house bumping into windows trying to find its way out.

So Lucy and I spent the next half an hour trying everything we could think of to free this little bird. It involved ladders and brooms and fans and opening every window and door. We tried sweet talk as if this little bird understood English. Funny enough, Lucy didn’t bark once. She seemed to know that would scare the little thing further into the rafters of my two story living room. She did use her herding instincts to help me. She and I would just come from each side and try to shoo it and sweet talk it toward the opening.

Finally, the little bird perched on an open windowsill and calmly flew off. I swear it looked at me and nodded like, “ok you can leave now”.

I rushed around closing windows and doors before any other wild creature could fly in.

Whew! Only 27 minutes past my deadline.

Now as I traveled down the highway, about an hour and a half into my trip, traffic came to a complete stop. On I-20 this is never a good sign.

As it turns out, there was a 3 car accident that involved a tractor trailer, a U-haul and a sedan. By the looks of the fire trucks, police and paramedics present, not only was it a bad one, but I missed being involved by about 30 min.

Almost the exact amount of extra time it took me to leave my house because of a little bird.

I looked up at the big sky mystery and said, “wow, thanks”.

Now I am turning 50 this year and you might say it is time for me to grow up and stop this magical thinking.

But I would say to you that I choose to live in a magical, supernatural, spiritual, loving existence. I know the difference between my world and the bigger population of the depressed and the miserable. Since I do have a choice. In fact it is probably the only thing I can really choose. I choose to be in my amazing technicolor world.

I choose to believe that nature is full of loving kindness and giving me support along the way. I choose to believe that I don’t know what I am being protected from when things don’t go my way. I choose to believe that nature communicates with me. All the time. I choose to believe nature and God communicate with all of us but most people don’t know how to hear it.

Sometimes I get validation of this that is hard to ignore. Like being protected from an accident that would at the very least ruined my weekend and at the very worst been a tragedy.

And do you know how I know this to be true??

A little bird told me. 馃檪

(Doug this is for you. 鉂わ笍 For missing me. I am back.)

The gift of a


I learned a profound Jewish teaching from a Franciscan priest! 聽馃檪
Father Richard Rohr learned it from a Jewish Rabbi and speaks about it often. 聽It gives me great comfort in my life.

In Judaism the true name of God is not spoken. All the names we use are nicknames. The true name of God consists of 4 Hebrew letters (讬讛讜讛) (yud, hey, vov, hey). When these 4 letters are put together there are no consonants.

Many believe that we don’t speak the true name of God because it is taboo or because of the commandment, ‘thou shalt not take the Lord’s name in vain’. 聽This is only partially true.

The real reason we do not speak God’s name is because it can not be spoken. The closest word is the sound you make when you inhale and exhale.

Just take a minute to think about this.

God’s true name is the sound of your breath.

Inhale. 聽Exhale.
Do it again.

You are breathing the name of your maker.

We are alive when we are able to breathe.

Gen 2:7 聽讜讬讬爪专 讬讛讜讛 讗诇讛讬诐 讗转志讛讗讚诐 注驻专 诪谉志讛讗讚诪讛 讜讬驻讞 讘讗驻讬讜 谞砖诪转 讞讬讬诐 讜讬讛讬 讛讗讚诐 诇谞驻砖 讞讬讛變

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul” 聽http://biblehub.com/lexicon/genesis/2-7.htm

Breath is life. 聽Breath is The Spark of God within us. 聽It is also His name and our own personal prayer.

It is our first word uttered when we are born. It is the last thing we say when we die. We pray it all day everyday. 聽 It is unique to each person and free to ALL.聽 It is our built in ‘fail safe’. 聽All the times we doubt ourselves and our worthiness, we are breathing our own affirmation. 聽God has it covered.聽 It is not required that we believe in it. 聽It will happen for us regardless.

When ever I am having a hard time. 聽When I am tired and overwhelmed. 聽All those times I am not sure I am doing ‘whatever’ right.

All I really have to do is remember to breathe. 聽It contains all that I need. It is prayer enough, it is life enough, and it is powerful enough to carry us through. 聽Trust your breath. When you feel especially lost or heartbroken. Just focus on your breath.

Father Rohr offers a beautiful meditation from Psalm 46:10 to lead you back to your breath:

“Be still and know that I am God
Be still and know that I am
Be still and know
Be still”
May your Breath be with you :))

Playground bullies聽

During a trip to Asheville NC this weekend, we went apple picking.  Golden Delicious, Rome, Black Arkansas and Fuji are a few of the perfect round shades of green to deep red that are weighing down my trunk as we head home.  

Of course we had to stop at the many attractions that flank these beautiful apple orchards, such as the corn maze 

After getting good and lost, back tracking, walking in circles and having our sense of direction generally turned upside down, we stumbled onto a grand playground that could have been a throw back to my childhood.  Home made swings, a giant mountain of hay with tunnels, a large trampoline and climbing ropes.  In other words, lots of risk and danger :))

Kids were running, climbing and jumping  around in utter bliss. 

What prompted this post was what happened on the tunnel swing. 

There were about 10 children of all ages on this attraction.  I was doing what I love best, observing children at play.  

I know that if you give children the freedom to engage in risky play together they handle it quite responsibly, but it is still such a pleasure to watch it first hand. Without knowing each other’s names there was expert cooperation without any one  boss. They took turns pushing and riding without any conversation about it. The older children kept checking in with younger children to see if they needed to slow down or get off. Younger children were watching how the older ones did things and then tried to emulate them.   They ran this swing like a well oiled machine, not the accident waiting to happen, it could have been.  There are many businesses, organizations and adult groups that could learn from this kind of team work. 


An older woman carried over a small child about 3 years old. He did not walk over on his own. He was not drawn to this swing by his own volition. Probably because it was developmentally beyond his risk taking interest. Yet, she placed him on and proceeded to take over pushing the swing. The other children were quiet and let her take the lead as you would expect of respectful children. She began to push. The other children followed her lead to help her. The small child began to lean. She kept pushing. Then he leaned some more. The woman told him to hold on, still pushing. We all looked at each other knowing what was imminent. The child had a look of fear on his face. Then boom. Sure enough he fell off the swing. 馃槮 

Now the woman gasped and ran over to pick him up. What she said next did not surprise me one single bit. 

Woman scolding, “You children are pushing it too hard! You shouldn’t be doing that. You are pushing it too hard for little kids! That is why they are going to get hurt!” 

Me, “Actually I disagree. They have been doing a very responsible job of working this swing”

The woman huffed off with her crying grandchild in her arms. 

I reassured the children that they were working hard to be kind to each other and play together. This was not their fault. 

If I could speak to this woman I would advise her to let her grandson pick his own interests to follow on the playground. If and only if, he wanted to ride this swing then he would have been better off with these children helping him. They would have helped him, communicated to make sure he was comfortable and stopped way before he fell all the way off. Having said that, if he had fallen off he would have been helped up and learned a few things about balance and swinging along with a bit of dirt. 

Why do adults show so little respect for children?  Their interests, instincts and abilities? Maybe because we can. 

I have been learning to stand back a little and give children the respect of their own way when appropriate. What I have been given when I do that is the gift of my  greatest teachers. 

After this incident, another boy came over to the swing and began to play. He said, “you know that woman who picked up that child? She is a teacher at my school and she is really mean.”  

Out of the mouths of babes. Enough said. 


The Forgotten Path


Why do I get so much joy and satisfaction watching my children play in nature? It is something I have wondered about myself. 聽One of my favorite activities. 聽I like to play with them in nature, but honestly, I like sitting back and watching them even more. 聽I struggle here, to put it into words.

I use the term ‘my children’ loosely as I have taken on 18 other children each week out in the woods. 聽 Watching children in deep play outdoors is something I love. 聽Why?

Freedom? 聽I know that when they are unencumbered, outside and unstructured they are free. 聽Maybe it is the sitting back that is so rewarding. 聽 I move out of their way. 聽I step back from the telling and the teaching, and create a sacred space for their freedom to step forward. 聽I love watching where they take it. 聽There is a deep sense of peace that descends on a creek when children become engrossed in what they and the creek decide to do together. 聽Two puzzle pieces, the creek and the children, fitting together perfectly and suddenly it all makes sense. 聽Freedom is definitely an essential ingredient. 聽Yet…

Wild is the other.

When children set out on their own adventure into wilderness, they are seeking a relationship. 聽They are looking for connection with each other and me. 聽But deeper than that, they are seeking connection with the wild. 聽They know on some soul level that when they find that tadpole and hold it in their hands, it was created in just that way, at just that moment, just for them. 聽When they are mining for gold in the creek and they find a ‘crystal’, they believe that rock was put there at that moment in time, just for them. 聽 When they sit in their secret hide out, hidden from the rest of us, they are not alone. 聽They know that this secret spot was created around them, for them. 聽 They don’t seek connection with the man made bridge, as much as, they are drawn to what is flowing and growing and swimming and winding beneath it. 聽The wild.


Two weeks ago when a pouring rain just happened to find us outside looking for adventure, they embraced it as the gift it was. 聽How could this not have been created just for them? 聽The joy as they received this gift however they chose, was something I will never forget. Standing back and watching them dance with the wild was my joy.

They went home high.

The next day I heard reports of “the best day ever”. 聽One child told his special grownup that it was “the best day of his life”. 聽Then he changed his mind. 聽“It is the second best day of my life. 聽The best day was the day I was born.”

I watch this and I remember. 聽I remember what I was born knowing and then forgot. I remember my own freedom dancing with the wild. 聽I seek relationship with What created the wild. 聽I catch a glimmer of conversation with my Creator.

The Forgotten Path. 聽Children are born into the world knowing this path. 聽It is not forgotten for them. 聽By protecting space for them to play on their own path, I remember. 聽They are my guides. 聽They teach me how to recall all that I know. 聽It is as much for me as for them.






Climbing A Mountain of Laundry

How many years I have done the laundry! First just mine and Richard’s. It was a mole hill then. It was a domestic romantic endeavor. I was doing this man’s laundry. I was nurturing and taking care of him. It was such a pleasure to give of myself this way.  Way back then. 

Then it was laundry for 3. I was still in such a state of bliss, that I used cloth diapers and washed them myself. Richard was supportive of me staying home, in spite of the fact that we had no money, at times, putting groceries on a credit card. I was so thankful I did not have to leave my baby with some stranger and go to work. Laundry? It wasn’t even a second thought. It was a privilege. 

Then it was laundry for 4. Then 5. Then 6. The years ticked away.  Laundry overwhelmed me. I dreaded, resented and sometimes just avoided that pile of laundry. It would follow me into my dreams.  It would pile up until we were in a state of emergency over socks, clean underwear or the favorite outfit needed for school that day. 

Richard and I divided the work of family in the most efficient way we could. He built a career and earned the money. I took care of the home and the kids. 

This work was 24/7, for both of us. The work of building and nurturing a family. The work of building income to support that family. There was now a mountain of work where a mole hill had been. A mountain of bills, boo boos, groceries, meals, bath times, bedtimes, school tuition and yes, laundry. 

It is hard to take care of others without time for yourself and each other. Disappointments build up. Resentment creeps in. Climbing that mountain sometimes seemed impossible. Richard and I dubbed those struggles for little pieces of sanity as “fighting over scraps”. We would bicker over the unfairness of it all. I was angry when he was home sitting down for 5 minutes when I was slaving away with dinner, bedtime and…laundry. He was resentful when I was having fun at the pool, lying in the sun with the kids on a summer day while he was stuck behind a desk. 

I am sitting here right now avoiding a mountain of laundry before me. 

Richard is sitting quietly enjoying a book. The old resentment still tries to take over. The old tape in my head tries to play the “it’s not fair” tune. 

But a softening has happened for me while climbing over 21 years of dirty laundry. 21 years Richard and I have been sticking it out, having each other’s back, holding each other afloat, and even tearing each other down. I am far enough up that mountain now that I have a different view. 

I see how hard we have BOTH worked. I see how much we have both sacrificed and, I see how much we have both gained from this division of labor. I see our 4 little start ups beginning to spin off into their own amazing futures.  I see how hard we still both work. I see we still have so much laundry ahead.  I see we are getting older. 

So as I sit here facing a mountain of laundry with an old tape playing, I drown it out with a new tune. Instead of thinking “how unfair for him to sit by while I do all the laundry”, I think how thankful I am to have this nice house, nice laundry, nice washer and dryer. It leads me to other gratitude. 

I feel gratitude for the few minutes of rest Richard can take to recover from a grueling work week. I am grateful I am to be able to focus on nurturing my family. I am grateful Richard is successful and smart and healthy. I am filled with gratitude that my children are well and safe and loved so deeply by both of us. 

Now, as a daily practice I gratitude my mountain of laundry back into just a small mole hill.  Each little dirty piece of clothing piled up into a mountain of blessings to count.  

Blessings I need to get folded so I can go to bed 馃檪 

made with love

Cocoon of Trees

Chicago 2014.聽 I sat listening to crickets in the trees one night before our move South.聽 So much unknown terrain stretched out in front of me. 聽 I remember thinking that only in nature can the deep quiet be so loud.聽 That is when it happened.

God said to me, “It will be the same.”

What I thought?聽 What will be the same? It is such a surprise to be spoken to this way.聽 Not the way we speak to each other, but a knowing, a memory of the conversation.聽 As if you catch it just after the words are spoken.聽 It took me a minute to gather my wits.聽 What just happened?聽 And then I knew.聽 I was about to pick up my family and move to another planet.聽 God was tucking me into the roller coaster ride with a message to hang onto.

“It will be the same.”

The same trees, the same sounds, the same sky, the same.聽 God will follow me there.聽 With his majestic creation.聽 I will be starting over, a stranger, but I will be wrapped in a cocoon of crickets.聽 The same crickets.聽 They will sing me this very same song.聽 The one they have been singing forever.聽 Since the beginning.聽 A cocoon of trees.聽 The same trees.聽 Green and tall and solid, with roots that connect them in communal unity.聽 A cocoon of sun and sky. 聽聽 The same sun filling me up with the essence of myself.聽 A cocoon of earth and dirt.聽 The same dirt reminding me of where I come from.聽 All familiar and the same.聽 This will be my blanket of comfort in the unease of change.

South Carolina, 19 months later, I stand on my back deck.聽 It is night and I am listening to the crickets in the trees.聽 They are the same.聽 A cocoon of trees tucking me in.

I go to say “good night and thank you.”

I look up at these guardians towering over me.聽 At that moment it happened again.


God said, “It is here to take care of YOU, not the other way around.”

I said, “who?”聽 “what?”聽 There I was again trying to catch the conversation as if that is possible.

God said, “all of it, but especially the trees.”

I stopped chasing and let it sink in.聽 “Wow, that changes everything.聽 What fools we are NOT taking care of them, so they can take care of us.”

I got no response.聽 Just the wind blowing and the crickets chirping.聽 The same as always.

No wonder I feel grief when I see a forest felled in a single day.

Long ago, when God made the world for us, trees had legs.聽 They could walk and run just like us.聽 This is not in the Torah.聽 It was inspired by my daughter, Hannah, one day as we hiked through the forest.聽 Trees traveled from place to place.聽 Usually, they were making sure we were taken care of.聽 It was their job.聽聽 For thousands and thousands of years this worked.聽 We loved the trees and they loved us more.聽聽 Then about 10,000 years ago, we stopped living in small family clans and started figuring out how to farm the land.聽 We changed.聽 We started trying to conquer instead of collaborate.聽 Everyone wanted to be the boss and nobody wanted to compromise.

We began killing for meanness.聽 We fought just to fight.聽 The trees were extremely worried for us.聽 The Grand daddy trees called a council meeting of all the elders.聽 They came from all over the world for a once in a million year event.聽 They wanted to help us.聽 Trees know only peaceful protest and standing for what you believe in.聽 Period.聽 No exceptions.聽 They decided that they could only lead by example, and it had to be drastic.聽 That is when it happened.聽 They stood.聽 Still.聽 Forever.聽 The only travel now is a seed carried by wind, or bird or other avenue of nature.

They are waiting for us.聽 They stand still in their love for us.聽 They refuse to move until we change our selfish ways.聽 Of course, we didn’t get it.聽 Still don’t.聽 Will we ever?聽 We cut them down and they let us!聽 They just stand silent.聽 When they fall sometimes a groan slips out, but usually their thunderous fall is all that marks the tragedy.聽聽 Then the ones still standing聽 just continue their watch over us.聽 A loving example.聽 Waiting.

I am in a quiet place of my life.聽 It is hard lonely work to pull up your roots and replant them.聽 Is this how the butterfly feels?聽 Tucked into her cocoon. 聽 Wrapped up tight.聽 Is she quiet and lonely?聽聽 Or does she know that it is loving protection for the work of change? 聽 The only way transformation can take place.聽 Does she know that it is temporary?聽 Something to cherish for the restorative sleep that it is?聽 How I want to appreciate this silent stillness.聽 How I want to become the tree I already am.

I am tucked in my cocoon of trees.聽 They rock me to sleep and sing me to wake.聽 If you listen in just the right way, they will tell you things.聽 Ancient things.聽 They look down with love and look away with respect.聽 They hold me safe.聽 Protecting this time of transformation.聽 They never lose hope.聽 They are always the same.聽 I am the one who needs to change.



February 2016

The Day the Angels Disappeared

They would sing to me.聽 A song with no words, and deeply familiar.聽 There were so many. Choirs of them. 聽 I would sing with them, and other times I would just sit in awe.聽聽 Words fail to describe the power of them.聽 The closest I can come is JOY, and that is like describing a technicolor聽 3-D IMAX movie as an old black and white film.聽 Beautiful, glowing with light, enormous, ethereal?聽 These words seem insulting when describing them.聽 How old was I?聽 I was young enough that I didn’t have words to describe it to anyone, or even think to try.聽 I assumed it just was.聽 Didn’t everyone visit with Angels?

When I would go to sleep they would come to me.聽 Or I would go to them, I am not sure.聽 The memory is strong yet fuzzy.聽 Similar to how I see without my glasses.聽 I can capture most of it and imagine missing pieces, but it always seems to be at a distance.

As a small child, napping was a wonderful place to go.聽 Sleep something to welcome.聽 Maybe it was all a dream.聽 If that is so, then I only had one dream.聽 The same each time I fell to sleep.聽 There was no other.

And then one day.

I have two vivid memories.聽 They happened around the same time, but since memory is fluid, I can’t say for sure.

The first is standing frozen in front of the TV.聽 My parents had been so excited that a popular children’s movie was airing.聽 ‘The Wizard of Oz’.聽 They put it on and probably thought it would give them some much needed adult time to catch up.聽 They left me to watch by myself.聽 The witch and the monkeys haunted me for years.聽 The purposeful meanness, so hard for me to digest.聽 I couldn’t leave the room and I couldn’t bear to watch.聽 I was sweating and shaking.聽 I did not know that feeling before.聽 Unfortunately, I have known it many times since.聽 Fear.

The second memory happened chronologically after the first.聽 Yet, it could have happened the other way around.

I remember going to take a nap.聽 As soon as my mother left the room a bee landed on my covers and began to slowly crawl towards me.聽 It was the biggest bee I have still to lay eyes on.聽 I could not move, or run away or even call for help.聽 I just lay there sweating and watching.聽 This horrible, terrifying, hairy monster walking up my covers to where I lay, helpless and horrified.

I don’t know how it ended exactly.聽 The bee did not harm me.聽 I just know what happened next.

My mother had to go back to work.聽 My sister and I were put on a bus in the morning to go to a day care center.聽聽 I remember the sick feeling in my stomach.聽 My younger sister just one and a half years old.聽 She was screaming and clinging to my mother’s neck.聽 They peeled her little arms away and strapped her in the van.聽 I watched my mother get back in the car and drive away.聽 My sister kept crying.聽 They told her to stop in a commanding聽 voice.聽 She couldn’t.聽 Her little chest heaving and hiccuping.聽 The woman driving the bus reached back with a ruler and spanked her legs, telling her more sternly to stop.聽 She cried harder.聽 She spanked her again.聽 It continued back and forth like this until the end of the ride.聽 Then they took us to separate rooms. 聽 I did not see her again until later, as they put us on cots to nap.聽 I lay there missing our bright kitchen where my mother and sister and I would sit eating lunch.聽 I missed riding my tricycle up and down the sidewalk. I missed getting up from my naps to tip toe into the kitchen where my mother would leave fresh bread cooling.聽 I missed my mother.聽 I heard my sister crying.聽 I got up to comfort her.聽 I needed to get comfort as much as to give comfort.聽 They caught me before I got to her.聽 They spanked me and put me back on my cot.聽 My sister and I had never been spanked before.聽 No adult had ever struck us.聽 They told me to stay there and not get up.聽聽 I swallowed my sobs as quietly as I could.聽 I already learned what happened if they heard you cry.聽 I did not get up again.

The Angels never came back.聽聽 I have only seen them again in memory and imagination.

My mother did not stay home anymore.聽 Day care became our foster care.

The loss was gargantuan.聽 My whole body would ache at the missing of them.聽 What did I do wrong?聽 Why did they leave me?聽 Please come back!聽 Some how I knew it was over.聽 Going to sleep became something else.聽 I did not welcome naps.聽 I would run and hide to keep from going to bed at night.聽 These early memories have been a powerful force shaping my path and direction as an adult and mother.

It took a long time to put all the pieces together.聽 To understand what happened.聽 It was simple really.聽 I came to know forces we must battle here on earth, whether we like it or not; fear, doubt, hatred.聽 It takes innocent faith to see Angels.聽 You must trust completely.聽 Children are born in this pure state, and then life happens. 聽 We spend the rest of our time searching for the way back.

This is not a story I have ever shared with anyone.聽聽 No one goes around talking about their experience with Angels.聽 How do you explain your grief at losing something that people don’t believe exist?聽聽 I am not sure if I was even able to share my grief of what happened to my sister and I at the hands of irresponsible cruel caregivers.聽 If my parents are upset by this I would tell them this was no failure on their part.聽 In fact, I would argue quite the opposite.聽 They did something so right.聽 They were able to protect me from fear and doubt until I had long term memory to store my Angels.

As powerful as those traumatic memories have been in my life, the memories of Angels have been more so.聽 I have cherished this memory of my Angels all of my life.聽 Evidence of a power so great and filled with light that words cannot define it.聽 I wonder if we all are born wrapped in this gift of love.聽 Meeting with Angels while we sleep.聽 Easing the transition to a physical world filled with fear and gravity.

In a rather low point in my life, I took a workshop called “The Illuminated Heart”.聽 One of the exercises within the meditations was to call your Guardian Angel to be with you on the journey.聽 Focusing on it this way, I felt the presence of something so big and familiar that it brought tears. 聽 I recognized the Angel as being with me all my life, just out of focus and on the periphery.聽 This realization was a game changer.聽 I know I may never see Angels again as I did with the clear eyesight of innocent faith.聽 But I know they are with me always.

I had a conversation with my son, Zeke, this week before he fell asleep.聽 He had been listening to a story about witches and was having trouble sleeping.聽 As I searched for how to help him, I shared my story.聽 It is the first time I think I have shared it with anyone and it prompted me to write about it.聽 He listened and had many questions about the Angels.聽 I struggled for words to explain.聽 He immediately fell asleep.聽 He slept through the night and awoke to tell me how he had asked his animal friends to help him defeat the witches and bad guys in his dreams.聽 Maybe he connected with his Guardian Angels.聽 He walked taller the rest of the day.

In Judaism there is a bedtime prayer that calls 4 Angels to guard you.聽 It is ancient and meant for protection during the dark night.聽 I do not know the entire prayer in Hebrew.聽 Even though it is a prayer that is intended for you to say for yourself, I call the Angels to come guard my children before they go to sleep.聽 Then I recite, the Shema. I have done this every night for more years than I can remember.

I call upon you Hashem, put the Angel, Michael on the right, Gabriel on the left, Uriel in the front and Raphael in the back, and above my head the Sh’khinah (Divine Presence) (3x ) Shema Yisrael Adonai eloheinu Adonai ehad) (Deuteronomy 6:4)

It is the last thing they hear before they fall asleep.聽 As I go to sleep, I call the Angels for my children that are now away from home and then myself.聽 This may not be religiously correct, but it is my way.

I want my children to hear me call the Angels by name, every single night.聽 In this world, there is a constant battle raging between light and dark.聽 Between faith and fear.聽 While we cannot insulate ourselves or our children from the forces of dark, I firmly believe that light and faith are the stronger force.聽 Just the memory of Angels can be powerful enough to beat back the dark.聽 Just the possibility of light can give us the hope and courage we need to face down fear.聽 May your Angels always be close, guiding you and giving you light for the way.