daddy date night

My husband and I both know the importance of spending one-on-one time with each of our children.  This is a little challenging with 3 children.   Even more so for my husband who is now working two full-time jobs and trying to fit this “one-on-one” into weekends and weeknights.   In spite of these challenges,  he planned a “date night” with our 7 year old daughter, Micah.  They planned to ditch the rest of us one night, and go out to dinner just the two of them.  I was so proud of him for paying this special attention to our oldest daughter.   I have often shared with him how important a dad’s attention is for the self-esteem of a little girl.  I still remember all the after-dinner walks I shared with my Dad; when he would listen to me talk about whatever was important during my day.  I think it is the first lesson you receive about how a man should treat you.   

I made sure that I made a big deal about her “date” when she came home from camp that day.  We got her shower and made sure she was ready to go as soon as Dad got home.  My husband kept me updated with their date through texting, and I knew they were eating at a local restaurant.  Sitting at the counter talking and eating, just the two of them.   After this I got caught up with feeding the other two kids, then getting our baby to bed.  So when I heard my daughter come in, I was excited to hear how it went……………

Me:  How did it go?

Micah:  Mom!  Dad hit another car in the parking lot!

Me:  oh, no….did anybody get hurt?

Micah:  no.. and Dad said the F-word!!!!  He told some lady to fuck-off!

Me:  Hey!…..I don’t want you saying that word….wow, well, besides that did you have a good time?

Micah:  can you believe he said the F-word?!

Sure enough, dear old dad had a little too much to drink, hit a parked car in the parking lot, then told the lady walking by who voiced her disapproval to F-off……   What can I say.   I hope that the lesson she learns from this experience is how much her daddy loves her and how she deserves to be listened to and treated special by a guy.  But I guess if she brings home the boy who drinks a little too much, drives a little too fast, and has a foul mouth we can’t be totally suprised now can we…..


One thought on “daddy date night

  1. joan shaffer says:

    wow, i know that you were happy to have them home safe and sound. glad that no one was hurt. That should cost richard a lot of money. Noah would have made sure that richard paid dearly for that word. joan/grandma

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