telling tales

Thank goodness my girls don’t know enough to keep from telling on themselves!  Either that or they think I am a real dummy.  Last night I was bathing Zeke, Micah, and Hannah.  This is a little tricky and requires concentration to make sure no one drowns, much less gets clean enough for the bath to count.  But in the hub bub of bubbles and shampoo a couple of things came to my attention.

Micah had her eyes checked this summer by our eye doctor, and her eye sight is 20/20.  Now she has always wanted glasses but unfortunately for her she has perfect vision.  And no, I am just not to the point of buying her fake glasses for hundreds of dollars.  So she began telling me, last night, how she failed the vision screening at school.  Hmm? 

Micah:  “Mom I did NOT lie”

Me:  “of course you didn’t lie”

Micah:  “Mom do you believe me?  I did NOT lie”

Me:  “of course you didn’t lie.  You would never do something like that”

This continued until I lost count at about 23.  Hmmm?  I wonder what the vision screening will say?

Then Hannah who gives me grey hair because she will put anything in her mouth if it smells good, and had not actually gotten in the water yet said, “mommy you do not have to take me to the hospital”

RED ALERT!!!  I frantically look around for some poison I overlooked and find the empty mouthwash bottle in the trash.  Now I am hoping it was empty because someone put it in the trash.  But it was definitely empty when I got to it. 

Me:  “Hannah did you drink this mouthwash?”

Hannah:  “sure, but you don’t have to take me to the hospital” (you can guess the conversations we have had about poison and putting things in your mouth…………………..  really left an impact)

Me:  “was it alot of mouthwash?”

Hannah:  “sure, but you don’t have to take me to the hospital”

Where is my husband in the middle of this chaos you ask?  Leisurely watching a movie with my 12 yr old.  What do I do?  Well, I watch my two year old for any weirdness that might lead me to pump her stomach, and I finish the bath and put them to bed.  What else?


4 thoughts on “telling tales

  1. Honey : your blog sucks. It’s filled with lies about me and everyone knows this is all made up.


    P.S. I’m in the basement watching a Bond flick with Noah…hold it down up there for godssakes!!!

  2. joan shaffer says:

    Just like a man to not be there when you need them. That is why you are the mom. How is hannah? R micah’s eyes o.k.? Keep up the good work. it will get easier. joan

  3. Edie Arnold says:

    Were you Job in a past life? The funny thing is most people would assume you’re making this up unless they have actually been in your house. Those of us who have been there know this isn’t even an unusual day. I reiterate my earlier statement 🙂 You’re my hero!

  4. Edie:

    stay out of this!

    You made a huge mess when you stayed here and I was constantly cleaning up after you.

    I hate to have to bring this up but….

    Boys Rule and Girls Drool! (smile)


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