To Noah as a Bar Mitzvah (toast given Friday night)

I have had a sense of all my children long before I was blessed with them.  But the first time I met Noah—-I was 21.  I was an undergraduate at Chapel Hill.  I had not met Richard yet, and I didn’t really understand it at the time.  

I had my first new car.  For those of you who have had a first new car, you know that it is something you never forget.  The feeling of happiness and freedom is hard to describe.  

So one day, I was very happily driving around Chapel Hill. (and Chapel Hill is probably the heart of where I feel most at home in this world).

I had a strange sense of this little blonde headed boy riding shotgun.  Keeping me company.  It wasn’t like I saw anything.  It was more like, I just had a sense of him.  Kind of like you catch something out of the corner of your eye, but nothing is there.  I didn’t really understand it, but I think I knew he was part of my heart.

Now the last thing on my mind at the time was having children.  I was interested in blonde headed boys for sure, —Just about 20 years older.  So I chuckled to myself and thought, “Lord, he is really cute but you need to grow him up a little.”

Well, look at you now.  In a split second, you went from being just a flutter in my heart to a Bar Mitzvah.

I am so blown away by this beautiful journey of “your growing up”.  

I am catching glimpses now of the man you will be and it fills me with joy.

Even though, in my minds eye, you will always be that little towhead–I am so proud of the man you are growing into.

I had an epiphany over Passover this year.  I realized that I am related to the 3 nicest guys I have ever met. ………..

My husband, my Dad, and my son.

Noah, you are truly one of the nicest guys I have ever met.  I am just so honored and thankful that G-d chose me to be your mom.


One thought on “To Noah as a Bar Mitzvah (toast given Friday night)

  1. joan shaffer says:

    I am so glad that Richard chose you to be his wife and that G-d gave you Noah so I could be his grandmother. Have a Happy Mother’s Day. You have a wonderful family and I am glad that I am a part of it. love joan

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