I am reading “Falling Upward” By Father Richard Rohr.  He says, “The entry into heaven is the rediscovery of the still-enchanted world of a happy child”

This really struck me.  How often I am trying to get my children to leave that place to come into my frazzled, burned out, pay the bills, adult world.

“Hurry up…..Clean up…..Go to sleep…..Wake up……Sit down……Eat your dinner……Take your hands out of your pants…..Put your clothes on…….Don’t climb on that…….Get in your car seat it is time to go……We are late, hurry up…….Don’t splash water all over the floor……Put your clothes BACK on…….Don’t leave the door open…..The toilet is NOT a toy…….You are making a mess”……etc.  It is too easy (and depressing) to go on any more.

When I am saying these words, I am trying to pull them out of that enchanted happy place.  No wonder they don’t hear me.  They are in Heaven, and I am in Hell!!!  Who would want to leave Heaven to go to Hell.  I don’t blame them.  Maybe I need to focus on observing them more.  I need to learn some more about Heaven.  I have forgotten.  They could teach it to me.  Instead of feeling annoyed at their immersed contented distraction while I am barking out orders, I  feel a huge wave of thankfulness that they can still tune me out to stay there.

C.S. Lewis in the “Screw Tape Letters” talks about the Devil.  He says that the Devil’s greatest victory was tricking us into thinking he doesn’t exist.

He has definitely tricked me into trying to pull my kids out of their “still-enchanted happiness” (without hesitation), to come and live with me in the world of “hurry up, don’t be late, don’t have fun, life is a schedule” world.

I may not be able to just go live in Heaven with them, as we do have to eat, and keep the lights on.  But I am gonna try cherish their “happy world” more and see if I can learn anything.


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