It is Sunday morning, June 10, 2012.  I am running my first race today.   The North Shore Half Marathon.

Ok, no lie, my kids woke up fifteen, million, hundred, friggin times last night.   It was like a well rehearsed operation.  Steve and Dandridge you would know about this;  isn’t there actually a torture used to interrogate prisoners along these lines? As soon as I was falling asleep a different kid would scream out, “mommy!”  As if they were being chased by a lion.  I guess I will just run sleep deprived!  I do everything else without sleep, why not this too?  Thank God for tea!
Which is why I am up now.  I have to drink enough tea to make sure I can “take care of business” at home before I leave instead of somewhere along the 13.1 mile path.  (Please God let that part of my body work right today).  I am nervous enough about parking for pete’s sake.  And Richard has been assuring me that I don’t have to actually carry the map of the course while I am running., that they will have the path clearly marked.  Or I can follow the herd, (assuming I can keep up)  I sure hope he is right, because I can just see me ending up in BFE wondering where the hell is the finish line so I can WALK already.

So I think my prayer is going to go something like this today:

Dear God
please keep me safe and on the right path.
let me keep my shit to myself, or at least only where it belongs
Give me the strength to run like a lion is chasing me
and when I can’t see the end in sight, remind me just how much fun this really is!

Race Day Jitters


2 thoughts on “Race Day Jitters

  1. Pat Craig says:

    So how did the race go? I laughed when I read this…I share the same bowel problem when I hike or walk and I think it’s more anxiety-provoking than the event itself! Love your blog and have missed hearing from you in the past few weeks…

    • notthemaid says:

      The race was about 100 degrees! and totally kicked my butt! I had to come home and go to bed. It took me about a week to recover, but I am now back on the trails 🙂

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